Recreate Sports Day fun



Revive those happy memories of classic sports day fun!


To celebrate National School Sports Week (24th -28th June 2019), fill your garden with lots of fun with a selection of games from Traditional Garden Games.  Our Sports Day Set has everything in the box to get the games really started.  From 'Egg & Spoon' to 'Three Legged' and 'Sack' races, all the silliness and laughter of school sports day can be quickly recreated in your outdoor space.

Have even more fun with our top-selling Tug of War and don't forget our Space Hoppers and JUMBO Ball - BIG smiles and maybe a few bruised egos are definitely guaranteed.

All available to buy here  

June 13, 2019 by Alexandra Moore

We're HIRING!!

We're looking to hire a temporary Warehouse Process Co-ordinator

Warehouse Process Co-ordinator

Job purpose:

Responsible for the efficient and safe operation of Traditional Garden Games’ warehouse in Aghanloo, Limavady, Northern Ireland. On a daily basis, the Warehouse Process Co-ordinator will liaise with the Sales and Accounts Team to pick, pack and if necessary, palletise orders for despatch and delivery to customers, using approved couriers and freight distributors.

CLOSING DATE: Sunday 2nd June 2019

Essential Criteria:

  • Must hold an in-date Aisle Master or Bendi Forklift Truck Licence
  • Hold basic computer skills ideally with experience using Microsoft Excel, Word and Office packages
  • At least 1 year’s experience in a warehouse or logistics environment, with a good understanding on how to securely package and palletise product for despatch
  • Experience and awareness of Health and Safety in a warehousing environment
  • Experience of working with couriers and hauliers, and using online portals to book despatch consignments
  • Good problem solving skills and a strong ability to plan, organise and prioritise workload
  • Must be a good communicator, who can organise and prioritise tasks in a timely manner
  • Must be reliable, flexible, trustworthy and both capable and comfortable working on their own initiative - without supervision
  • Plan resources in advance, to meet the requirements of warehouse operations

Desirable Criteria:

  • Flexi-truck licence
  • Understanding of heights, weights and volumes
  • Experience of effectively packing orders onto pallets to customer/shipping limits

Please send your CV to by Sunday 2nd June 2019.  



  • Receive delivery of products from courier / haulier
  • Safely unload product from shipping containers, delivery lorries and vans using relevant warehouse equipment – and always following all Health & Safety procedures
  • Check and examine deliveries for any damage. Visually record damages or discrepancies immediately with the office
  • Carry out random checks of delivered product
  • Once checked, store products/pallets in the correct location in the warehouse as per company procedure
  • Where necessary, update stock records for received delivery of goods and ensure delivery notes are digitally stored in the relevant company’s online folders


  • By email, acknowledge receipt of all customer orders with the sales and account teams
  • Pick and label orders, and securely package in shipping cartons or pallets (where appropriate) before despatch
  • Place all packages in relevant despatch trollies in time for collection by couriers and hauliers
  • Book orders for despatch onto relevant courier/shipping online portals
  • File all relevant dispatch documents and paper work in relevant company online folders


  • Liaise with sales and accounts department to ensure all stock records are correct


  • Key holding duties and responsible for securing warehouse
  • Carry out general warehouse administrative duties as required
  • Maintain Health and Safety awareness and compliance for vehicles and equipment
  • Adhere to all company health and safety rules and procedures AT ALL TIMES
  • Attend meetings as required
  • Work closely with HR to ensure compliance with all personnel related issues
  • Maintain and keep the warehouse and associated office clean, tidy, organised and safe.
  • Ensure warehouse equipment eg forklift truck is subject to daily checks and defects reported immediately
  • Organise purchase and delivery / collection of stationery, consumables etc. as required for general operation of the warehouse
  • Prepared to be flexible to meet the demands of couriers, hauliers and external customers
  • Participate in LEAN company improvement activities


  • Full training provided
  • PPE provided
May 22, 2019 by Alexandra Moore

Easter holiday goals smashed

We hope you forgot about the DIY jobs planned for the long Easter Bank Holiday weekend and made the most of those BIG skies and wonderful open spaces. 
This family thought it would be a 'fun' idea to avoid the crowds and traffic jams, stay in our own little outdoor space and maybe do a little weeding.
Five hours and two wheelbarrow loads of weeds later (I kid you not), and that's the garden weed free.....well, for another few weeks!!!! Did I mention the broken nails, burnt shoulders and broken back? #makingmemories #familytime #school holidays #gardengames #gardeningisgoodforyou

Happy Easter

 Wishing you a cracking Easter!

Let's hope the sun continues to shine over the Bank Holiday, and you can spend lots of time with friends and family - enjoying those BIG skies and wonderful open spaces.

Our offices will be closed on Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd April and all online orders will be dispatched on Wednesday 24th April. Have a super holiday!

Good thoughts shine like sunbeams

So, over the last few months Traditional Garden Games Team has been making a few subtle changes to our working day.  Part of these changes includes a commitment to a morning meeting -  oh dear, I can hear your eyes roll to the back of your head! 

But listen up folks, it's not a normal boring meeting filled with pie charts and graphs, and lead by a bossy Boss! Instead, our morning get-together's are an opportunity for everyone to share and (more importantly) listen to each other's positives and negatives of their working day. PLUS, we even have a bit of craic - usually at boss' expense lol 

Each morning the meeting leader for that day, shares an inspirational quote, image or word with us all - how did we ever manage before Google? And today I'd like to share a wonderful quote from Roald Dahl which (I think) resonates with many - keep having happy thoughts sunbeams :0) 

This Spring and Summer, spend more time outdoors having fun and #makingmemories with family and friends 

April 15, 2019 by Alexandra Moore

Kids ➕ Play = LEARNING

April is Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month

Have fun learning to count with Big Fish Little Fish

Our little number crunchers are having lots of FUN learning while playing our NEW Big Fish Little Fish game 🐠

What's in the CARDBOARD BOX?

10 x Wooden Numbered Fish
2 x Wooden Fishing Rods with Hooks

Big Fish Little Fish HELPS....

☑️ Develop numeracy skills
☑️ Number recognition
☑️ Number placement
☑️ Encourages gross motor and social skills

Buy here

How to build the Traditional Garden Games WIGWAM Play Tent

Building our Wigwam Plat Tent is child's play!  Simply follow the steps below or the YouTube video, and in no time the kids will be having lots of fun playing make-believe with our top selling native American themed Wigwam Play Tent.

Have more fun - why not get the children involved in building the Wigwam play tent! 

Building your Wigwam Play Tent:

  1. Empty the contents of the Wigwam Play Tent box
  2. Lay all components out on the floor/ground
  3. First, build the tent base frame: Insert all the rods into the connecting joints. The rods will slightly bend to help form a circle
  4. Insert the base frame into the Wigwam and securely tie at the tent opening
  5. Now to build the tent's upright frame: Connect the 4 long upright rods
  6. Connect the 4 short curved rods to the 4 long upright rods.
  7. Insert the 4 top ends of the long upright rods to the black connecting disc - you will now have the tent's upright frame
  8. Place the structure inside the Wigwam tent - pointy end in first!!
  9. Connect the upright structure to the tent's base frame
  10. Tie the upright structure to the Wigwam fabric
  11. The accessories can be used to either 'dress' the Wigwam or to use for dressing-up 

March 01, 2019 by Alexandra Moore

Remember those HAPPY childhood memories?

Traditional Garden Games Get Outside and Play

Remember those long summer days with friends - climbing trees, building a den, skimming stones at the water's edge and making daisy chains in the garden or park?  Ahhhh, now those were happy childhood memories!

Children don’t remember their best day of TV! Looking back at your childhood, sitting and playing a video game or watching television certainly isn’t what you reminisce about. And while times have changed from the sepia-tinged recollections of our youth, children today still love nothing more than getting active in the fresh air. But we certainly do remember all the fun and adventure of playing outside with friends and family!

Traditional Garden Games' eclectic range of outdoor games can not only help promote a healthier lifestyle but can also recreate the fun and adventure of playing outside with friends and family.  They're even a great way to provide a digital detox - even if it's for an hour or two!  So this Spring and Summer, start making happy childhood memories and keep everyone entertained with Traditional Garden Games. 

Check out our top games:

  1. Tug of War  BUY HERE  
  2. Family Croquet Set BUY HERE
  3. Giant Garden Snakes & Ladders 3m BUY HERE
  4. Giant 4 in a Row BUY HERE
  5. 8 Ball Boules  BUY HERE


Try something NEW in 2019

Give gardening a go with Sembra sow and grow your own kits

Make 2019 the year for trying something NEW

Research from around the world confirms that gardening really is good for you - bringing benefits to your physical and mental well-being.  As we start a new year, why not give gardening a go with our Sembra 'sow and grow your own kits'.

There's everything in the box needed to grow seasonal produce at home - just add water and a little love!

No Garden? No worry!  It really doesn't matter if you don't have any garden space - the Sembra kits are perfect projects even if you live in a city apartment. All produce can be grown in the smallest of spaces such as a sunny windowsill.  If you do have a balcony or patio space, and the threat of frost has passed, your homegrown plants can be simply re-potted and placed outside for you to continue to enjoy the rewards of picking your own homegrown produce. 

Check out the full range of Sembra sow and grow kits here - there's planting projects for all seasons.

January 07, 2019 by Alexandra Moore

FREE delivery to UK and Ireland on ALL orders

Traditional Garden Games FREE delivery on all UK and Ireland orders

Until Tuesday 18th December 2018, Traditional Garden Games is offering FREE delivery on all UK and Ireland website orders. 

From GIANT board games such as Snakes & Ladders, Ludo and Draughts to popular aim and throw games including Skittles, Wooden Boules and our NEW Target Ball - many of our games are made for indoor and outdoor fun with family and friends.

 Fill your holidays lots of fun and laughter with Traditional Garden Games.